A five day Master degree intensive course
30th may to 3rd june 2016, St Nazaire and Nantes, France

The seminar topics include theoretical and practical informations about performance and operating conditions of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration technologies for brackish and seawater desalting. A section of the seminar is dedicated to the modern microfiltration and ultrafiltration technology applied for pretreatment of seawater for RO systems for big plants and small ones.
The program includes an introduction to membrane technology, description of commercial membrane elements, water composition and quality variations (seawater, brackish water) i.e. harmful algal bloom (HAB), PBR* Design, illustration of the membrane system design process and overview of systems operation taken everywhere in the world for desalination units (terrestrial and on ships).
The seminar is structured in the form of frontal presentation combined with hands-on exercises of calculations of operating parameters with visiting tour of microalgae culture platform and experiments at different scales on bench scale laboratory pilots. A section is dedicated to computer simulation of RO/NF operations illustrated by real plants in the world (AshKelon, Thiadiaye). A section is dedicated to membrane autopsy as a decision aid for a better management of RO process and another one on how to-manage old RO membrane.
* PBR : photobioreactor

Organized by GEPEA, with the cooperation of Degremont, Veolia, LANXESS, Technolia, IFREMER CNRS and in collaboration with the European Desalination Society (EDS)


General Overview of membrane processes : from theory to practice
Seawater composition and chemical/physical reconstitution
Microalgae and seawater
Microalgae culture for harmful algal blooms (HAB) simulation
Training on a software for the design of reverse osmosis/nanofiltration systems
Desalination - Process selection and design
Environmental and economical performances criteria related to desalination projects (OPEX/CAPEX)
Membrane Systems - The technology of choice for safe drinking water

Case Studies

Barka (Oman) and Al Dur (Bahrain)
Ashkelon and Sorek (Israel)
Umm Lujj (Saudi Arabia)
Thiadiaye (Senegal) First water plant in the world for brackish water defluoridation


Experimentation with membranes MF/UF, NF and RO
Membrane sustainability: autopsy approach and old membrane reuse

Plant Visit

St Nazaire : microalgae platform (ALGOSOLIS) from lab scale to biggest plants

Scientific manager : Maxime Pontié

Registrations : Eric LEVERT